About Us

I created Chuck's BBQ in 1999 to bring mid-western style barbecue to Central California. Growing up in Kansas City, one of the barbecue capitals of the nation, I missed the smoky flavor of barbecued meats.  This inspired my mission to bring the ultimate barbecue experience to the Central Valley by creating barbecue food that is rich in flavor, tender, and juicy, leaving the pink smoke ring seen in smoked meats. Some people mistake the pink for being undercooked but in fact, all meats are slow smoked for hours with fruit wood to provide you with succulent tasting barbecue food. The key to getting the meats tender and flavorful is the indirect heat used when smoking. This method allows the meats to absorb the smoke giving it a distinctive but not overpowering flavor. NO GRILLING HERE! The meat's flavor stands on it's own that many customers prefer not to cover the taste with BBQ sauce; but it's just as delicious with the sauce on!  

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